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Welcome to Layway Storage

storagebeltWe have a convenient location close to Carrefour 10/30 in the south shore of Montreal. Plus, we offer boxes, moving supplies, and truck rentals to make storage a snap. Now you can free up the space you need in your home or business, while your belongings are securely stored in your private storage area.

Layway Storage, document and media management specialists for semi-active and inactive documents, provides state of the art storage facilities and information tracking & retrieval technology to make document management fast and easy.

With a comprehensive contingency plan from Layway Storage, vital documents, system and data backups are immediately available to deploy an emergency disaster plan.

Layway Storage's flexible storage and information management system can be adapted to the varied needs of industry, commerce and institutions. From box-level down to single-document tracking, Layway Storage can custom fit storage needs to individual requirements.

We are the answer to your storage problems.


Spaced out?

You're not alone. We provide self storage and mini storage in the Greater Montreal Area. Whether you're looking for personal storage or business storage, we are the experts. In fact, many of our customers originally came to us for short-term storage and then continued to rent the space for their less frequently used items. With over 30 different storage room sizes, you only pay for the space you need.

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Digital Storage

With the Digital Data Center™ for Images and Documents, Layaway Storage provides your organization with a high-capacity, high-availability repository for storing electronic copies of business documents in many different formats. Sophisticated search tools and rapid retrieval capabilities allow authorized users to quickly access records on a 24/7 basis via the Internet.

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